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Diagnostic Reagent Logistics

IVD, or in vitro diagnostics, refers to products and services that are used outside the human body to obtain clinical diagnostic information by testing human samples (blood, body fluids, tissues, etc.) to determine disease or body function. Biological products are drugs made from microorganisms, cells, animal or human-derived tissues and body fluids, etc., using traditional techniques or modern biotechnology for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases.     Our customers include in vitro diagnostic reagents and biologics enterprises. We provide strict temperature control management for customers and support on-site temperature record printing, we will strictly require operation details to ensure cargo safety and temperature standards, and can provide cold chain logistics services such as 15℃~25℃, 2℃~8℃, -15℃~-25℃, dry ice: -20℃~-78℃, liquid nitrogen: -196 °C.
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